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Seven Obvious Reasons Why it’s Good to be a Dog in Vail, Colorado

Monday, February 6th, 2012

As the short, warm, weird winter of the US East Coast draws to an early close, Raja and I want, whistfully, to revisit our favorite ski spot on the entire globe: Vail, Colorado.  Winter or summer, you just gotta go there and, please, do not forget your dog, whatever you do!  And here’s WHY…..

1. As soon as you walk off your plane in Eagle Airport, 30 minutes outside Vail, an airport monitor lets you know that your dog will be made to feel right at home.  This ad from a real estate company basically puts the dog before the house big time!



2. The Colorado Ski Museum on Frontage Road in Vail Village celebrates the age-old connection between mountain dogs and skiing mountaineers in a mural on the outside wall.  Look at those treacherous wooden slide-in skis! Who wouldn’t want a dog to help with all the mishaps and accidents!


3. Vail Village Arts Gallery considers dogs to be great art.  This month, the gallery features the brilliant dog portraits of Suzanne Shirra.   In our picture, a Yellow Lab, a Black Lab and a phosphorescent Maltese glow on the gallery walls.  If you have a spare $5,000, she will do your dog’s portrait too.



4. All the best shops have a dog greeter to make you feel really welcome.  Meet Charlie of the De Coronto Boutique on East Meadow Drive, Vail Village.  One day Charlie, a Basenji / Pitt Bull mix
was walking lonely and cold down a mountain road and the next he was rescued into the lap of retail luxury by shop owner Laura Lilley.  Lucky dog!


5. Who wouldn’t want to be like Daisy, living the good life as the quintessential skier companion and all around very cool mountain dog?  Daisy accompanies Brian mountainside, sometimes running up the slopes on her own to gallop down with Brian in the big drifts.  Daisy resembles the dog on the Ski Museum mural, doesn’t she?



6. If your dog looks even the least bit chilly, some restaurants invite you to bring him inside. Raja was hanging out off the slopes and the Rimini Gelato Shop on Lionshead Place insisted he come inside and have a warm drink.




7. Kate and Carhart have just moved to Vail and they are in search of dog friendly housing. Something tells us that they aren’t going to have a hard time finding a really nice place and making friends.




We just heard Vail got four more feet of snow.  Raja says we are in the wrong place right now!

(Update on the Florida dog that needed a ride from our previous post: Patches was discovered to have titers for infectious diseases and lovely manners.  He never got his ride to Pensacola.  A local family gave him a happy home!  Yay!)