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A Member of the Wedding: Being Best Dog

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010
Congratulating the Bride and Groom

Congratulating the Bride and Groom

Dear Readers, Have any of you had your dog at your wedding?… Please write in to the comments section and tell us how it went!

A few weeks ago we barked about how Raja was going to be Best Dog at a family wedding and we had all kinds of advice about how to have a dog at a wedding.  Were we wrong?  Were we crazy?  Was it the worst idea ever?

NO!  It was a great idea.  Good things happened.  The celebrant (what we called our official who did the ceremony) said that having Raja at the wedding meant that the couple wanted everyone who was important to them to be together.  Raja got a big cheer from the guests.  (Who gets that?)

Afterwards, everyone said it was the most elegant and relaxed wedding they had ever been to.  Why do I feel Raja was a little part of some of that?

Did we learn anything useful?  Yes…

  • Flowers on dogs either wilt or are eaten.  Maybe not needed beyond the ceremony.
  • A shawl doubles as a cozy nest when puppy needs a nap.  No need to drag in a dog bed.
  • Raja was so excited to be at the party that he didn’t want to walk outside, drink or eat… so no problems there.  If your dog is a ham like him, your dog may make it similarly easy.
  • Toward the end of the night when the ladies all dance together, the dogs also like to dance.  Nobody minds.
  • If you don’t get muddy and shabby spending time with your dog in your jeans, you will similarly stay well turned out when you are all dressed up.

Raja says a big, heartfelt “Thank You” to the new half of his family who were so gracious to him.