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A Travel Dog Valentine Fantasy Love Story

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Dear Romantic Readers, All of Raja’s travels posted in this blog are real.  Until now, we have never posted any fantasies…. but it’s Valentine’s Day and time for some silly fun.

Last Valentine’s Day, Univision Television asked us to do a fun fiction love story about traveling dogs to accompany a program about Mexican Tourism.  As you travelers all know, Mexico’s tourism has been suffering lately.  Raja the intrepid isn’t planning any drives into Mexico’s heartland any time soon, but he really hopes one day he can go visit the Monarch Butterfly Sanctuaries in the Eastern Mountains.  Our fantasy story for Univision was a fun way to imagine being there.  Here is a short version in honor of Valentine’s Day and romantic getaways….

Raja and Chloe in Mexico’s Folkloric Heartland

When Raja invited the adventuresome Maltipoo, Chloe on vacation in Mexico, who knew what adventures would happen for this free-spirited canine couple?  Here, Raja and Chloe hop into a taxi in Mexico City.  They are headed for Michoacan, Mexico’s destination for crafts and local culture.  “You forgot your doggles, Raja!” barks Chloe.



They stop along the way at a roadside stand.

Raja offers Chloe an aqua fresca and a refreshing jicaleta.  “Mmmm says Chloe!”  Love blooms.





In Paracho, the most famous town for hand made guitars, Chloe insists Raja buy a guitar.  He’s a little alarmed, but Chloe insists.  “Just strum a little.  I know you’ll be a virtuoso.”




It is night in the charming town of Morelia and the couple spontanaeously performs a romantic dancing and singing duet under the lights and stars.  Chloe has bought some maracas.




Finally, Chloe and Raja visit the Sanctuary of the Monarch Butterflies in Valle de Bravo.  Choe wears her butterfly dress.  They both hope the vacation never ends!



(Special thanks to Chloe, Raja’s real life friend.  She is an agility star at Think Pawsitive Dog Training at New Berlin, Wisconsin. and she really does dress like a butterfly on special occasions.  Most of her travel and party dresses are made by Carolyn’s Originals )