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Travel Bags for Small Pets: Choose Wisely

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011

Tim and Raja

For small pets who travel, a comfortable and familiar travel bag becomes a den, a nest, a refuge and a home away from home.  For a pet like Raja who flies frequently and goes to many appointments as a spokes-dog and pup reporter, down time is everything.  If your small pet has a peripatetic lifestyle, please invest in a ventilated, padded, reinforced, safety engineered travel bag where he feels happy and safe and can nap between photo ops, customs checks, meetings and sightseeing.  Wash the liner frequently and change the travel toy often.

When I got Raja I decided that, whatever he was inclined to do, he would love to travel since I could not bear to leave him behind.  Raja’s favorite traveling bags are made by the Sherpa Pet Group.  He owns both the Tote About Town and the Airline Bag.  Here he is with CEO Tim Ford.  Raja got to meet Tim recently and, to a dog like Raja who needs to be comfortable during his airplane trips, Tim is a celebrity.

We never plug product for profit. There are no kickbacks or freebies.  It’s not what this blog is about.  (We say this for the benefit of new readers.)  There is nothing up our sleeves.  Our bag post is travel advice, accompanied by our back story.

BUT, if you are traveling with your pet, on planes, trains, subways, busses or boats, do check out the Sherpa Pet products… they’re beautifully made, comfortable to carry, well priced, durable and stylish.  Most importantly, they are comfortable for pets who ride in them.   A traveling pet is not a trinket but a companion, and a well crafted bag respects and protects your furry friend.

I’ll leave you to google my brand, or find your own- your choice.  Frequent travelers know that the joy of travel is enhanced by a cheerful furry companion, and furry companions know that the joy of travel is enhanced by a familiar, cozy, safe den (with a mesh panel, a fluffy pad and sturdy shoulder strap).

Raja and I are going to be on the airways again this week.  I can’t put his bag out tonight or he’ll insist in sleeping in it by the front door.  Hope your traveling pet has the same happy attitude.