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The Mighty Shih Tzu: Sports Milestone Attained by Cy the Shih Tzu

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Cy in his director's chair with his distinctions.

Champion Cy Ty attains his C-ATCH Championship! Refusing to be sidelined by illness, injury and family tragedy, Cy the Shih Tzu has shaken off all obstacles and made his run for Canine Gold! Earning a total of Qs120 (quality benchmarks) at a trial in Dexter, Michigan at the Canine Recreation Center. Cy has leapt to a pinnacle of agility glory. Raja says, “Cy, I knew you when… and I knew you’d go all the way to becoming an official champ!”

The Olympics of dog fitness is not a single event, but a series of athletic challenges in which championship comes after lengthy commitment and true and consistent performance. One of those venues is CPE, Canine Performance Events in which dogs of all kinds, all sizes and all backgrounds can compete through obedience, agility and athleticism in running challenging courses, responding to direction from their human team partner and succeed in running, leaping, tunneling, balancing their way to a smooth and speedy run of all the obstacles.

Is CPE healthy for dogs physically and mentally? Yes! Does CPE strengthen the dog/human relationship? Yes! Is travel involved? Yes! Is it fun? Yes!!! Raja loves CPE and he’s really proud of his good friend Cy, the second Shih Tzu in the world to win the coveted C-ATCH distinction as a Canine Performance Event Agility Trial Champion.

CT, Tasha and Champion Cy

Who is this champion? Cy lives in Michigan in a Shih Tzu oriented home. His sister Tasha was a trained therapy dog. His little brother CT is an athlete as well. Sensitive and unassuming, Cy spends his free hours glued to his family, but give him a bar to jump over or a beam to walk, and he’s proud and ready to show what he can do. Like most individuals of extreme physical accomplishment, Cy wears his honors modestly. He’s no snob. You can get his attention with a little piece of salami and he will pose for pictures.

Why is Raja so excited about this milestone? As you readers know, barking about how much of an all around dog the Shih Tzu is always remains Raja’s main mission. This breed, tracing its ancestry right back to the Himalayan Wolf, is always ready to adapt and meet challenges in whatever niche it finds itself. Sure, the Shih Tzu will curl up on the couch with you, and you could even get him addicted to bonbons (if you are), but at heart, the Shih Tzu is a traveler, an adventurer, a Shih Tzu of fortune and heart whose dreams of glory are far far bigger than his average 11 lb. size.

Champions also win enormous treat baskets.

What will Cy do now? Probably he’ll start all over again and become a double champion. As all athletes know, resting on your laurels allows the opportunity for too many others to jump up on your pedestal. Cy’s far too competitive for that.

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Champions get to keep the final bar they jump.