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Canine Performance Agility Nationals 2011: Ribbons & Barks!

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

On the weekend of June 9th through 12th, qualifying US and Canadian agility dog athletes and their humans convened for the National Games at the Washington County fairgrounds in Lake Elmo, Minnesota.  This was a wonderful event, really inspiring and positive in spirit; Raja and I were privileged to be attending as bloggers and press. 

This democratic and embracing canine sport offers opportunities for almost everybody who wants to join in at any level, club, group or national. 

As the Canine Performance Events (CPE) literature states: 

  • Membership is open to all purebred and mixed-breed dogs
  • 15 months of age or older
  • Veterans 6 years or older compete at lower jump heights
  • Enthusiast and Specialist compete at lower jump heights
  • 5 Levels of Titles (from Beginners to Championship)
  • Standard Classes and many Games Classes
  • Junior’s and Physically Challenged Handlers are welcomed!

Club teammates support each other.


And the motto is: “Success can be achieved through positive training and teamwork.” Which is basically true for every challenge in life, right? 

CPE agility competition, unless you lose your good heart and begin to be a snob or a critic, is like golf.  You always play against your previous best.  The goal is not to beat the best dog there, but to come out a better dog than you went in. 

Raja for sure came out a stronger dog than he went in.  He met his friends and came home with a little more swagger, if that’s really possible. 

CPE not only create opportunities for dog sport, they create community and lasting friendships across the US and Canada, bringing together an ephemeral village of enthusiasts, many of whom have traveled long distances and sacrificed all year to be present to compete.  And they bring out the creativity and talent in all participants as they meet challenges and develop patience and spontaneous kindness.  Small dogs and big dogs are all welcome as dogs are classified by how high they jump not how tall they walk.

Team Great Dane

Team Italian Mastiff

Raja joined the clubhouse cabin of the Fisherdogs, athletes Cy, CT, and Skamp from Michigan.  Their motto was “We’re Fishing for Fame, Fashion, Agility Q’s, Friends and Fun!”  Dressed in Fisherdog Gear made by Carolyn’s Originals ( ) they proudly represented for their group in a decorating competition along with contestants as far away as Texas and as close as Washington County.  Fun fun fun for everybody! 
A horse barn stall becomes the Cabin of the Fisherdogs!

Raja says four paws up for Canine Performance Agility!  Agility gets everybody off the couch and out into the playing arena healthy, smart, artistic and proud!