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Raja Road Tests “By Nature Dog Food” and Shares with the Burbank Animal Shelter

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Officer McCullough and Raja in the Burbank Shelter's Lobby.

As part of a grass roots marketing strategy on the part of By Nature Dog Food, a division of the Kent Nutrition group, Raja was asked to weigh all of his 11.6 lbs in on taste and quality.  By Nature sent a humungous box of various flavors and products to his California address.  We explained that we never blog to push product, and By Nature said that was exactly what they liked about us. (We explained that Raja’s really, really not a chow hound, and By Nature accepted the challenge.)

Through research, we discovered that By Nature is a pretty good food overall, if one isn’t interested in or simply can’t do home cooking.  My vet’s office’s nutrition specialist endorses By Nature, so we felt confident to sample.  Raja prefers the Organic Turkey, Sweet Potato and Peas.  By Nature’s varieties address the current conversation about combating allergies through variety.

What we have to keep in mind with any dog food- whether a company makes it, whether you whip it up in your kitchen or whether the Puerto Rican soup stand in Luquillo makes a mild asopao just for your dog- every individual dog has his own physiology. Because of individual needs, your vet may recommend nutritional supplements, like Raja’s travel tummy probiotics.  No dog food can be expected to meet individual needs always and supplements can tweak the diet to make it more responsive-  which does not cast any negativity on By Nature or a home cooked pottage or Raja’s favorite Caribbean soup.

We had an enormous amount of By Nature for a small traveling pooch, so we loaded the remaining cans in the car and drove it to the Burbank Animal Shelter at 1150 North Victory Place in Burbank, CA. What a great place!  The staff is super dedicated.  A cadre of organized, educated and angelic volunteers assist with wonderful programs related to re-socialization, medical care and outreach.  This year, Warner Brothers Studios has made the Burbank Animal Shelter its targeted charity, so this year will be a very good year indeed for abandoned pets in the Verdugo Mountain and San Fernando Valley areas. If you live around Burbank or Glendale and have extra time, or even maybe an extra place in your home for another pet, you couldn’t go wrong checking this place out at