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The Stay at Home Cats of Summer

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Our blog takes it energy from the nomadic willingness of dogs to trot about in the big wide world.  Taking Raja anywhere is absurdly simple…  Put his little feet on the trail and he’s off.  OK, that’s a dog for you. 

And then there’s the cat.  Some cats travel well, but they are the exceptional cats.  Almost all cats are very happy staying at home, sitting in a comfortable chair, reading blogs like and watching squirrels out the window- harmless dreams of vivisection.   When you travel, cats wave bye-bye and take over your bed pillow.  When you return- after a few hours of the cold, furry shoulder- they’ll take you back.   

Maybe this summer you want to adopt a cat?  We MEAN it.  Cats are ubiquitous in summer just like, um, pumpkins in Fall and tulips in Spring.  But unlike pumpkins and tulips, cats are sentient beings with real, furry, needy little souls and, in summer, the shelters fill up with them.  

Here’s a common tragic story:

In Ewing, New Jersey, 17 lovely cats need homes or they will be euthanized.  I bet this situation also exists in your home towns all over the world now (except for readers in the Southern Hemisphere, but, just wait a few months, and the problem will appear). 

If you need an animal to keep the home fires burning (not literally) while you globe trot, a cat does the trick.  Dogs are horrible at that skill. They howl and claw the rugs and sicken.  Won’t it be nice for you and your dog to return home with sand in your paws, toting a bag of saltwater taffy and a new refrigerator magnet, to a cozy cat interested in hearing about your adventures, actually happy to see your slides and completely grateful you did not take her? 

Raja and I hope to support our friends the cats this summer and, especially for those of you in New Jersey, we hope you might spread the world about the precarious cats of Ewing.