NOW is the Time to Take Your Dog to the Beach…

Posted by Raja on March 5th, 2012 — Posted in Beach

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If you live in the coastal US North West and East Mid-Atlantic and North regions.

A fleece and a sun hat keep small dogs comfortable in the coastal winds of March.

Why?  Mild winters have made for an early spring.  The blustery days of March are not so blustery this year.  In fact, they are downright warmish.  Most coastal towns permit dogs on most beaches on the off-season, clamping down on dog visits to humans-only beaches after May 1.  In most areas, March is still open season.  So, if your hound loves the sand, now is a good time to take advantage of acres and acres of nice soft sand and space to run in the wind.

A little caution please:

Most beaches are not cleaned during the off-season so you could encounter the detritus of  unauthorized celebrations and unraked piles of seaweed and fetid fishy bits.  Dogs love rotting seaweed, or at least Raja does.  (Sad but true.)  You’ll have to be a little watchful venturing out onto the sand.

Coastal birds are always protected wildlife, lifeguards on duty or not.  Bring a Frisbee or a fly ball to satisfy your dog’s pent up desire to chase things.  (Danger to coastal birds is one main reason why dogs are not welcome on some shore points.)

If the beach you are heading for is isolated, since there will be no lifeguards and few rangers on duty, you might like to invite a friend or two to go along.

The cooler temps will make a beach day much safer for your energetic hound.  Naturally, remember that the sun still can burn even on a cold day, so sunscreen for you and nose balm for the beast.

Hoping you can take advantage of the good coastal weather and your dog can have a beach play day before the humans swarm all over it in the hot summer sun!


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