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Fall Feasts and Feasting Dogs! Read down for a delicious fall feast recipe for your dog.

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Tulips and daffodils are not good doggy snacks!

Dogs love fall. It’s cooler so they have more energy and the chaos of swirling leaves and gusty cool winds makes dogs feel like running and barking all day long. Or at least that’s how Raja feels.

Now, running in the wind makes a dog hungry and a hungry dog will begin to forage. Just because a dog wants to eat something he finds does not mean that the food is safe. Wild dogs learn the hard way. Your dog has you to sort out the forrage from the fodder.

Acorns:  Pigs, squirrels, chipmunks and deer love them. Dogs should not eat them, but the smell of deer, squirrel and chipmunk in the areas where acorns fall might draw your dog to them. Acorn contain gallotanin. While in lab tests gallotanin has been associated with antioxidation, anti-inflammation, blood lipid and glucose lowering action and anti-aging, acorns are not a good way to ingest gallotanins. Basically, acorns will cause gastric distress and the hard crushed nut material could injure the intestine. So if you see your dog rooting like a truffle pig amid the fallen acorn leaves, haul him out and redirect him to some other more productive.

Tulips:  You guessed it, tulips are considered to be toxic. They contain tulipanin, which is an anthocyanin, which is a water soluble plant pigment, which is present in eggplants and red wine, but which is supposed to be poisonous to dogs. Hmmm, eggplants are OK for dogs, but red wine is not. Squirrels and deer love tulips and seem to thrive on them, as they do after a big meal of acorns.???Look, tulips may attract the gastronomic dog in some way. Just don’t let them eat them. They’re probably not fatal in moderation, but I bet even one will make your dog sick.

Dadodils:  Even deer that are starving won’t eat daffodils. It is unlikely your dog will try to eat them, but if she does, they are very bad news. Pobably the scariest symptom is cardiac arrhythmia. And that’s very scary indeed.

Alliums:  Those gorgeous puffball purple and white spring flowers with the strappy leaves are allium family. They are onion relatives, very toxic to dogs, can cause dangerous anemia and some crazy dogs seem to like raw onions.  Plant them deep and make sure your pup doesn’t dig them up.

You don’t need to worry about these toxic and irritational plant materials unless your dog is a mischievous snacker. Raja won’t eat bulbs and acorns, so avoiding his contact with them is just paranoid.  As for you and your doggy, well, some dogs will try anything at least once, so keep an eye open.

What can your doggy eat in fall?  To support good food in fall and not to seem like two spoil sports, we have created a seasonal, sustainable early fall garden-inspired dinner for your dog.  It’s much tastier than forage- a cooked meal with meat, fruit, vegetables and grain.  Some of you may buy your dog food; some of you may feed raw; some of you may be anti-grain.  Raja and I are not canine nutritionists, but we are canine home cooking enthusiasts.  Do whatever you think best; we’re not doctrinarian… but Raja really loved this seasonal stew made with our own beans and figs:

A seasonal stew with a fall theme...

Cornucopia Lamb Slow Cooker Stew

1 tbsp olive oil

1 lb ground lamb (crumbled in small morsels)

1 medium yam (cut in medium dice)

15 fresh purple Tuscan beans- green are fine too- (cut in one inch dice)

4 ripe figs (quartered)

1 cup faro (rinsed)

3 cups water or onion-and-MSG-free meat or vegetable broth

Coat a slow cooker with the olive oil.  Add all ingredients making sure the liquid covers the faro.  Cook on high for 4 hours or until done.  Cut to desired bite size and serve.  Makes eight ShihTzu- sized portions or three Lab-sized portions.

Readers… what seasonal foods do your dogs like?  Let’s hear your ideas for snacks and meals of the season.




Amazing Girl Scouts: Caroling for Animal Shelter Donations

Monday, December 19th, 2011

Wonderful NJ Girl Scouts Carol for the Animal Shelter


So busy during the Holidays… buying presents, going to parties, worrying about what to wear, hoping for special gifts, a little nagging worry in the back of the mind about parents and money.  Look what a troupe of wonderful Girl Scouts in New Jersey did… they took time from their busy lives to carol for donations to the local Animal Shelter!  

On Monday, a note in all mailboxes (perhaps they targeted dog loving homes?) on the proposed caroling route announced the Friday night event.  The shelters need: 

* food of all kinds (half opened bags are OK)

* used blankets, quilts and towels (clean please)

* pet toys (used-but- not-abused are OK)

* pet comfort products (paw cream, sweaters)                                                     

The girls showed up on time, sang “Jingle Bells” and “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”, took pictures with Raja, hugged all around and then whisked our bag of fleece throws and greenies into their following mini-van.   They next day, they dropped it all off and played with the shelter dogs. 

Aren’t they flat out wonderful?! 

So back to the list… technically these items can end up in the local shelter even if your local girl scouts have targeted other charities this season.  Just load them up and tote them over.  OK… please?  You know you’ll feel warm and fuzzy immediately after.

To keep you in the know about Raja’s Travel Dog Schedule: Raja will be spending the Holidays at home en famille and shortly thereafter he will go on his annual ski trip.  Where will he go to ski? For every blog fan who posts in a guess this week, we will donate one can of primo Blue Buffalo dog food to our local shelter.  Paw to heart, we promise.

Raja’s Pet Halloween Costume Contest

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Having been to two pet fashion events, Raja and I felt we must get in on couture… albeit at the least serious level. Announcing Travel Dog’s Very First Ever………… Pet Halloween Costume Contest!

The costume contest is open to all pets all over the world, between now and October 31!

Here’s how it works:

* Between now and October 23 entrants will please send jpegs of their pets in costume to us at . Be sure to include your pet’s name. Multiple family homes may enter multiple pets separately, or they may enter as a cluster- such as The Three Little Pigs (we’re talking costumes here, not real pigs); or Lady Gaga and Elton John… see what I mean?

* On Monday, October 22, we will blog post a smashing video of all entrants, with a link to an online survey, where you will vote for the best pet costume. (Yes it is legal to spam your friends to support your pet. How else can you win?)

* The winner will be announced on the afternoon of Halloween, October 31st.

* The prize: What’s the prize? A CUSTOM OUTFIT by the brilliant designers at Carolyn’s Originals: a dress for a girl or a shirt and visor for a boy. Clusters get matching visors. Pets of all sizes are invited to participate. (Yes, a camel is OK, but a fish is hard to costume humanely. Fish only must enter au natural. I don’t know what we’ll give you if your fish wins, but we’ll figure it out.)

And while you’re doing that… Raja and I will slip away for a little walkabout that we can blogabout later.

Couture here… made to measure!

Spring Flowers from Travel Dog Books

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010
Traveling seeds from Raja

Traveling seeds from Raja

Sometimes Raja and I like to put down roots for a short while.  It only takes a few minutes to plant a seed and the after effects can be astounding!  Plus, in many cases, a seed that is planted reseeds for years, making a continually beautiful spot for a long time.

In honor of the concept of staying put, Raja and I are offering a free gift to our readers of a few seeds of either Heavenly Blue Morning Glories or Scarlet Runner Beans.  All you have to do is dig, plant, water and wait.  If you have a garden, plant them there.  If you have a balcony or a patio, get a sizable pot, fill it with dirt and plant away.  If you don’t have either, just find a sunny spot that needs beautification, work up a patch of dirt, plant and walk away.  (It would help if your spot has something for the vine to climb up, but a vine can trail along the ground too.) 

If you want some of Raja’s free magic seeds, all you have to do is send your seed request to us with your mailing address.  While we can’t guarantee which you’ll get… Scarlet Runners or Morning Glories… we can pretty much promise that each variety will travel at least 6 feet along, blooming all the way.  Morning Glories are not edible, but the young beans of Scarlet Runner Beans are most certainly edible… and if you let a few pods grow big, you’ll harvest more seeds from the dry pods in fall. (Same thing for the dry pods of the Morning Glories in fall.) 

Send your snail mail address to us at:  And no worries, as you can see, Raja and I have nothing to sell and we’re independent spirits, so we don’t have any relationships with commercial mailing lists or merchandise spammers.  We just have two little heaps of seeds we want to share around the world while supplies last.  If you live in another country, we’ll be happy to send you seeds, but we cannot guarantee customs… although our guess is that they’ll arrive.  So let us know while the sun shines on your spring, because our paws are itching to be off again.