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Picture Your Pet: Innovative photographs make for fun!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

When Raja and I were at the CPE Agility Nationals in Lake Elmo, Minnesota, everybody was talking about getting the “Commemorative Picture”… so what could that be?  I assumed it would be a shot with the judges and a collection of ribbons.  Kinda dull… but not so…….. 

The “Commemorative Picture” was a formal, posed shot in a theatrical little stage in the vendors’ building.  Crystal Image Pet Photography had assembled a gorgeous little studio set that idealized the Minnesota Lake District …  cattails and water grass, ducks and a stalking crane, a pine tree, stones and the pale blue of the prairie sky.  Your canine champion got to sit on the tape X and pose for the camera.  A custom label on the canoe oar makes the shot official. 

Raja and the innovative photographer at Crystal Image.

What a lovely keepsake for our Shih Tzu Wall of Glory (aka the living room wall). 

Now, you do know, you could have some fun doing this yourself at home.  Even taking the set style to a lesser degree… Take your outdoors dog into the rough and pose him on a fallen log with a hatchet, a make believe camp fire site with iron cook pot, a rustic and faded bandanna, crumpled sepia tone map, spyglass and an old canvas backpack.  Instant Lewis and Clark.    Get toddler fairy wings, enormous artificial flowers and have a friend blow bubbles toward the scene as you pose and snap your puppy princess as a flower fairy.  Yes it’s all big silly fun, but, seriously, doesn’t “big silly fun” characterize much of what you do with your dog, or is it only me?  You know you’ll love the shot after you did it and if you don’t, you might kind of wish you had. 

Can’t wait to collect the next “Commemorative Picture” from Crystal Image at Nationals next year! We want to collect all 50 states!