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School Girl Tonka is the Winner!

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Announcing our winner:

Adorable and photogenic School Girl Tonka!!!!  With a whopping 30% of all votes, School Girl Tonka will receive a custom party dress, made to order by Carolyn’s Originals! 

Thanks to all the beautiful pups who participated in Raja’s Costume Contest.  You are great sports and you all are winners in our book!

Special mention of William, the US Fighter Pilot.  William missed the contest entry date, but he’s got one of the most amazing costumes ever and Raja and I want to give him his chance to show it off.  William is a very laid back Chihuahua.  He never barks or protests when he wears his many costume accessories and he’s always ready to strike a pose!  Every year William gets a brand new, hand made costume. 

So please put your paws together for all our contestants, Tonka our winner and William!  And a happy and safe Halloween to everyone this year!

Raja’s Halloween Costume Contest 2010

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

Raja’s worries are melting away as his awesome powers as therapy dog are having effect SO…  He’s back to his blog and promotiong his second ever Halloween Costume Video and first EVER Costume Contest!


The contest runs until 3:00 pm Pacific Time on October 30th and the winner will get a custom couture outfit  made to order by Carolyn’s Originals as well as a first print edition, pawtographed copy of Raja’s first book The Journey of the Shih Tzu.

Rules: Each person gets one vote, so if you really, really want that custom couture outfit, you will have to enlist your friends to turn out and vote for you!  The Survey is objective and fair… be diligent in letting your friends know that your dog is cute and fabulous and in need of votes between now and October 30th!

Raja’s Pet Halloween Costume Contest

Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Having been to two pet fashion events, Raja and I felt we must get in on couture… albeit at the least serious level. Announcing Travel Dog’s Very First Ever………… Pet Halloween Costume Contest!

The costume contest is open to all pets all over the world, between now and October 31!

Here’s how it works:

* Between now and October 23 entrants will please send jpegs of their pets in costume to us at . Be sure to include your pet’s name. Multiple family homes may enter multiple pets separately, or they may enter as a cluster- such as The Three Little Pigs (we’re talking costumes here, not real pigs); or Lady Gaga and Elton John… see what I mean?

* On Monday, October 22, we will blog post a smashing video of all entrants, with a link to an online survey, where you will vote for the best pet costume. (Yes it is legal to spam your friends to support your pet. How else can you win?)

* The winner will be announced on the afternoon of Halloween, October 31st.

* The prize: What’s the prize? A CUSTOM OUTFIT by the brilliant designers at Carolyn’s Originals: a dress for a girl or a shirt and visor for a boy. Clusters get matching visors. Pets of all sizes are invited to participate. (Yes, a camel is OK, but a fish is hard to costume humanely. Fish only must enter au natural. I don’t know what we’ll give you if your fish wins, but we’ll figure it out.)

And while you’re doing that… Raja and I will slip away for a little walkabout that we can blogabout later.

Couture here… made to measure!